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We’ll get you connected with streaming speeds that can break the sound barrier without breaking the bank.
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Home Phone
We’ll make sure your landline is good to go for that first, “We’re all moved in!” call to your BFF.
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We’ll do the research to find the best deals on electricity in your area, then we get everything set up and you don’t have to do a thing but approve the rates.
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Home Security
Find the best home security options to keep you, your family, and your comic book collection safe!
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Satellite & Cable
Please hold for the next…KIDDING! Your hold times are over. We do all the research and make all the calls so all you have to do is tune in and tune out.
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Home Automation
From doorbell cameras to smart thermostats, we’ll find the best options in home automation so your house is the smartest on the block.
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Helping you get connected

A FREE service for our customers, Everest Home Connect is the proud partner of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices The Preferred Realty & Stouffer Realty. We understand firsthand the confusing and time-consuming process of deciding and arranging for connection with utility providers when you move into your new home.

Here's what we do:

  • Explore and evaluate your utility options
  • Provide multiple comparisons for you to review
  • Counsel you on best options
  • Arrange for connections once you have decide on your provider

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Everest Home Connect FAQ

Q: How much does this service cost for me and my clients?

A: Nothing! Nada! Zip!

Q: If your service is free for me and my clients, then how do you get paid?

A: We are compensated by the service providers because were an authorized dealer. And we dont surcharge your clients or add any fees to what they would normally pay if they set up their services on their own.

Q: Will my clients be charged more for connecting their services through you than

doing it on their own?
A: Absolutely not! In fact, all rates offered are either the same as, or below, what your client could get on their own.

Q: Do you only handle utilities?

A: Of course not! Were a one-stop shop for setting up all utilities and home services. We help clients connect electricity, water, gas, TV, internet and smart home security. 

Q: Can you help my client even though they live in an area where they cant choose their water, gas and electricity providers?

A: Yes! Half of what we do is educate your clients on their situation, so wed be happy to let them know they dont have to worry about who their utility providers are. Plus, we can still help with their TV, internet, phone and security/home automation.

Q: How long is the phone call with my client?

A: Only about 20 - 30 minutes! Compare that to the 2 - 3 half days it would take if they were to do it all on their own, and you can really see the time savings! If they need to take longer with us to ask some extra questions then were happy to educate, but we can typically get everything we need in about 25 minutes.

Q: Will you disconnect my buyer’s utility and home service connections at their previous home?

A: We would if we could, but we can’t. Because you might be able to imagine the problems that would follow if non-account holders were able to disconnect other people’s service, only an account holder can process a cancellation of a utility or home service connection. We’re happy to assist though and can walk your client through what they need to do to process the disconnections.

Q: What if my clients closing date changes?

A: Were so glad you asked! If your client had set up their utilities on their own, they would be looking at a lot of calls with a lot of hold time to a handful of different companies. If they worked with us, its one quick and easy call to their Personal Concierge who will change the activation and installation dates on your clients behalf.

Q: Can I use your service even though Im not a new home buyer?

A: Yes! Were happy to help anyone who would like a Utility Check-Up. We can look over all of their utility and home service bills and see if were able to improve your service packages.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions?

A: Reach out to our support team! Call: (412) 548-1500 Email:

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